Tackle an uncertain sports season with a full athletic department package, including livestream solutions you can monetize from day one and tools to support every team.
Now you can get it all at your current subscription price.

Here’s what you get:

A premium camera and livestream solution with no restrictions or installation fees.

Discounts off next year's bill if you have to cancel key sports.

Agreement terms that best fit your needs. We won’t lock you into a painful, five-year contract.

Full transparency and control from a partner you can trust. We're with you for the long haul.

What's included in an athletic department package:

Hudl subscriptions and remote coaching tools for every team

Mounted smart camera with livestreaming

Game breakdown services in under 24 hours

Instant replay and playbook tools for football

Dedicated, personalized staff trainings

Livestream and generate revenue your way.

While other companies lock you in and dictate your livestream revenue opportunities, your athletic department package gets you a premium camera and livestream solution that you control from day one. Hudl Focus lets you decide where you stream, who you partner with, and how you charge viewers (or don’t!). 

More value. Same budget.

Upgrade your products and services for all your teams at your current subscription price. Whether you’re new to an athletic department package or you’re upgrading a current one, we’ll work with you to choose the upgraded package that best fits your needs, your budget and your future plans.

Help your coaches and athletes thrive.

Sports will return, so don’t make a short-term decision that takes away the tools your coaches and athletes rely on—even when sports aren’t being played. Make sure your coaches keep access to historical video and data, and that your athletes can still create highlights for recruitment throughout this uncertain time.

Continue working with a partner you can trust.

You’ll always get clear visibility into the costs of your products and services (no hidden fees!), and you’ll have full control when it comes to your livestreaming options. It’s your program. Run it your way.

Ready to learn more?

Program Details

When you sign up for the Return to Play Program, you’ll get an upgraded athletic department package at your current invoice amount for 2020. This gives you a free* Hudl Focus camera with livestreaming options you can monetize on day one, Hudl subscriptions for every team to succeed, and world-class training to get the most out of your department-wide package. When sports come back, you’ll be more ready than ever.

*Additional sales tax may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between my current package and an athletic department package? 

Athletic department packages come with Hudl Focus, the only smart camera that uploads directly to Hudl. Setup is a breeze and you’ll have livestreaming available immediately. Stream directly to YouTube or send the video feed to your broadcast software so that you can stream and monetize on your terms.

You’ll also have access to Hudl Assist, our stat breakdown service. Your coaches send us their film and we add the stats within 12–24 hours. They’ll have more time for coaching and better insights into team performance. It’s available for American football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse and ice hockey.

And every one of your student athletes will have access to video analysis and remote coaching tools. Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the package that best fits your needs, your budget and your future plans.

Do I need to sign a contract to participate in the Return to Play Program?

If you don’t currently have an athletic department package, you’ll need to sign a two-year contract with Hudl. You’ll be upgraded to an athletic department package immediately, and you’ll pay your current subscription price for year one. In the following years of your contract, you’ll pay the standard price of the athletic department package.

What are the terms of the two-year contract?

You’re agreeing to keep Hudl for two years. This year, you’ll pay the same price as you did last year. And next year you’ll pay the full price. 

What happens if sport seasons get canceled? 

If your program isn’t able to play their football or basketball seasons, we want to help. We’ll give you a discount on next year’s renewal—25% if football is canceled, 50% if both football and basketball are canceled. We're looking to football and basketball specifically, as they function as proxies for the fall and winter sports seasons.

What if I already have an athletic department package or are set to renew? 

If you are set to renew or already renewed this year: 

We can offer your school a two-year upgrade to the next highest athletic department package if you maintain your current spend. You won’t need to sign a contract and you’re not locked into a commitment to stay at the higher package level.

If you bought an athletic department package for the first time this year:

You can take advantage of this program by taking a discount on your invoice next year. 

Are there any hidden fees? 


You’ll always have clear visibility into the costs of your products and services, and you’ll have full control when it comes to your streaming options.

How can I get started with livestreaming? 

Our Buyer’s Guide will help you find a solution that best fits your needs and our Livestream How-To Guide will have you streaming games in no time.

What is Hudl Focus? 

Hudl Focus is the only smart camera that automatically records and uploads your games and practices to Hudl. It records HD video from the perfect angle and offers all teams that play in a Hudl Focus gym access to high-quality video from games, practices and scrimmages. 

When can I access my game and practice film if I use Hudl Focus? 

Because Hudl Focus is the only automatic camera that integrates with Hudl, you’ll have immediate access to your video after you record your game or practice. 

How does the Hudl Focus installation process work? 

We offer a quick and simple self-installation with no additional installation, location change or removal fees. Hudl Focus also has an intuitive app that makes setup a breeze—no need for an expensive third-party installer. 

Most installations happen in less than an hour.

When can I expect to receive my Hudl Focus camera? 

After your school pays their invoice, your Hudl Focus camera should be delivered within 3–4 weeks.

Do I have to share streaming revenue with Hudl? 

You are in charge of your school’s streaming revenue, starting day one. Beginning with basketball season in 2020, you can monetize your livestream your way. You choose the broadcasters and set the terms.

There are no minimums or upfront fees required.

What if there are product enhancements after I sign up? 

All software updates and camera enhancements are automatically pushed so you never have to worry about manually updating your hardware or software.

You’ll always have the best available tech, hassle-free with dedicated support. 

We’ll also replace your hardware at no charge should issues arise.

How do I know if I’m eligible for this program?

Our Return to Play Program is available for North American high schools and colleges below Division I.

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